Pillow Talk Secrets Passion

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Pillow Talk Secrets petite clitoral vibrator invites you to immerse yourself in a world of Passion. The ultra-soft bristles on the flower-shaped silicone head give you a stimulating and satisfying feeling.  Each little nub carries the powerful vibrations from the PowerBullet® motor right to your most sensitive area for a ticking, teasing, but mostly arousing feeling.  The middle of the flexible head is soft and smooth, and the flower shaped outer edge lets your play with scintillating curves.  A rose gold lattice-wrapped base provides an elegant grip, but the soft, high-grade silicone finish gives you the most comfortable, silky-smooth touch. The Passion’s compact design gives you the accuracy you need, while the vibrations are directed towards the head, not the handle, so your fingers won’t tire out before you do.
  • Made of Silicone & ABS
  • Bristle Head
  • Incremental Speed Control
  • Travel Lock
  • Lattice Detail
  • Mini Massager
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual