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There are so many sexual positions out there and I am so happy to talk about them. Remember that you can always add spice to the bedroom by adding some sex toys. Sexual positions for gay, lesbian or bisexual couples does not differ at all from heterosexual couples it’s pretty much the same thing.

This one of course is the most popular sex position out there the bottom partner lies on their back with their legs spread open to allow better access to the vagina or anus. If you do decide to go from vagina the ass, you need to remember you should not go from ass vagina until you have disinfected your toys penis or fingers to prevent harmful bacteria.

Liberator Ramp
-This position is great for many reasons and often allows for deep penetration and is good for conceiving children if that’s the goal. It also allows you to feel closer partner as your bodies press against each other.

Partner on Top
There is so many names for this position riding a horse etc. However this requires the partner on top to use some leg strength and can be a bit of tiring to one’s leg muscles if you do it in a sitting position with your feet on the bed floor etc. to provide relief you can alternate to your knees or simply wiggle your pelvis in a grinding motion.

Lovers Wrap
This position can be easily done in a countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. This position allows a woman to lean back as well as come forward as she is vaginally penetrated. It is not as easy for anal penetration into the angle but can be done.

Doggy Style
This position is great not only is it pleasurable but it’s great for G spot and prostate stimulation obviously the kneeling partner can insert their penis into the vagina or the anus. This is also an awesome position for when you’re feeling wild as you can get banged.

Side by Side
This is a position that makes sex last a bit longer while increasing intimacy. And there’s not a lot of motion which delays Climax. For more intensity you can get into a gentle pelvic rhythm and look into each others eyes while taking natural deep breath.

The Butterfly
For this one you can use a liberator shaped pillow but you can lie on your back as your partner stand in front of you then lift your legs up and rest them on their shoulders, you can then tilt your pelvis upward so that your back forms a straight line and you angle up towards with your hips. Put their hands under you so they can hold your behind at the perfect angle while they thrust. You can put pillows underneath.


Side stride
-Have one partner lying on their side keeping their bottom leg straight and top leg bent. Have a kneeling partner position themselves between your legs and lift your top leg while resting it on their chest and shoulder.

Love me, squeeze me
-Have the male partner lie on their back with one leg outstretched and the other bend, so their knee is pointing up. Facing sideways lower yourself on the penis and hold onto the knee for leverage. As you rock back-and-forth lean forward so that your genitals rub against their inner thigh.

The men lies on his back with a pillow propped under his head. Facing him, the woman lowers herself onto his penis and puts her hands and knees on either side of his torso. Once he’s deep inside gently move in the diagonal shape of a diamond: to the left, then down, right, and up.

Over Easy
Lie your stomach, leg straight and spread slightly. Your partner lies on top of you, positioning his legs on either side of yours. As they enter you, close your legs and cross them at the ankles. With your legs clinched and ankles cross, you can feel the entire length of your partners penis and grip tight.

Bend Over Rover
Bend forward with your legs slightly spread and your arms either hanging loose in front of you or resting on low chair for balance. Let your partner enter you from behind pulling themselves as close to you as possible while holding your torso for support. This one is good for quickies as it allows maximum depth.

Over the Shoulder Smolder
While on your back with a pillow under your head and put your legs up as straight as possible and over to one side of your partner‘s shoulder. Your partner pushes your legs slightly one side and then penetrate while keeping hands down flap on either side of you force support. This is a wonderful position is having your legs lightly closed for tighter feel this means more intense sensations.

End of the Line
bend over the side of the bed so you’re still making rest pressed against the mattress and your feet are on the floor like spread comfortably. As your partner penetrates you from behind they lift your legs from just above the knees, hold them apart and thrust. With your body slightly aligned slightly downward and your legs apart they could deep penetration.

The Y
- Facedown across the bed and then scoot your body forward so your head and torso hanging off the side and your palms on the floor to support your way. Your partner enters you from behind with your legs positioned inside yours and their hands holding your torso for balance so they can keep his head and shoulders high.

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