Overweight Sex

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Often times with a larger tummy it’s a matter of getting around it. Here are some tips of what sex toys are the best to use if you or your partner is overweight.


Wands are the perfect toys, they provide a long handle that allows for extended reach. Remote control toys allows you to experience pleasure hands-free, if you or your partner is having trouble inserting you have the option of adding a strap on. Strapless dildos can also be used it’s much like a remote operated toy if it has a multi function, if not you can simply sit and enjoy. 


Sex pillows are also great, they allow one to be and make some sexual positions easier for insertion and or penetration. Sex machines are also hand free and these can be used if you are needing a hard penetration, of course these machines cannot be matched by humans. You just simply let them do the work.

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