Female Orgasms

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Studies show that 10 to 15% of all women who live in United States have never had an orgasm. They also show that 35% of women will never have an orgasm from sexual intercourse. This often times leads to couples feeling that they are somehow inadequate or dysfunctional when it comes to having a satisfying sex life.

What is a female orgasm?

What makes a woman’s orgasm unique is the way that it occurs and how she is able to achieve it. During sexual arousal a woman’s vaginal area is filled with blood. Muscles contract, physical tension builds and when her orgasm is finally unleashed the blood courses through her body in waves of pleasure. Her pelvic floor muscles contract and the uterus pulls in fluid in case sperm is there so that it can be sucked in and given a chance to create life.

During the stage of arousal a woman’s vaginal lips the labia menorah will swell and spread apart. The clitoris like the penis of a male fills with blood and becomes erect. It becomes sensitive to touch and protrudes from beneath its protective hood. Some women find that their nipples become erect however that is not the case for all women.

There are many reactions to orgasms include laughing, crying and even combinations of the two. Women do not always experience orgasms the same way and can have some that are more deeply felt over others. If you want to help a woman have an orgasm what I can suggest is to never neglect the clitoris.

For those men listening to this take a moment to think of what it would be like to try to masturbate without touching the head of your penis. Bummer isn’t it? After all it is the most sensitive part of your body and what’s feels best.

How can you tell if she faked an orgasm?

The truth is that women are so good at faking orgasms you will never really know. Many males out there will swear that they would be able to tell but let me assure you even the best lovers can be fooled. Women can moan, squeeze their pelvic muscles to mimic an orgasm and even push.

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