Why use sex toys?

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Having a deeper bond because you use sex toys when connecting with your partner is such a beauty. Couples that use sex toys often have open communication, trust, and unconditional love in their relationship. Sex toys are made not only for play time, but sex toys can also pro long the duration of the intercourse. Sex toys enhances your life whether you use it alone, with your partner, or while in between partners. 


Sex toys can also be used to enhance sexual pleasures or stimulation during intercourse. For instance a man and a woman could be using a vibrator during intercourse, the woman is being penetrated and uses the vibrator on her clitoris or nipples for added stimulation. 

Men also enjoy vibrating stimulation on the balls or the outside of the anus (perineum) as do women. Sex toys are also great for times when your partner is not in the mood, it also promotes good health as orgasms release stress and tension. Sex toys also come in handy when you’re in a long distance relationship as both of you guys can enjoy the pleasure of being stimulated and hearing each other’s voice. 

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