Types of Lube

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Adding lube will not only enhance pleasure, but it prevents chafing and tearing. The body naturally produces its own lubricant for sexual intercourse, however, friction is caused from masturbating, having sexual intercourse or experimenting. You want to and sure that you add lube to protect yourself or your partner.
There are a wide variety of lubricants out there that comes in different formulations. However you need to ensure that you were using the lube that is right for you and your partner in order to get the desired effects.

Here are a list of different types of lubricants:


Water-based lubricants are the most common types of lubricants and the most highly recommended. Due to its natural form, water-based lubricants are safer when digesting and being inserted inside the body. Water-based lubricants are also compatible with all sex toys and condoms, except for specific lubes that are needed for Electro stimulation etc.


Silicone lubes are a great choice to use with water, believe it or not water can be hard sometimes. These lubes are easy to clean up with soap and water. Silicone lubricant is safe to use with 100% medical grade sex toys, as other types may break down when you use them.


Petroleum based lubricant should not be used vaginally as it may cause harmful bacteria to the body if used, petroleum lubricant should only be used for male masturbation. They should not be used for anal sex or sex toys and condoms as they can break down the products.


Flavored lubes are great for play, there is nothing like being able to put some thing on your partner that you can digest. We recommend using flavored lube as it may add another tasty fruity experience to the intercourse.


Massage oils are a great way for you and your partner to explore each other‘s bodies while providing comfort and loosening tension. However keep in mind that oils do stain sheets we recommend getting waterproof blankets or throws that is easy for cleanup. Massage oils does not work well with condoms or sex toys so you may not want to get oil on those.


Electro stimulating gel are designed to lower skin resistance, when using the right gel the strength of the stimulation can increase by 40%. If you choose not to use an electric stimulating gel you can use water-based lubricant as an alternative without glycerin. Be sure not to use any lubricant with silicone, glycerin or mineral oils with Electro stimulating products.

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