Toxins in Toys

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-Parabens are found in many personal lubricants. Some of the health risks are altering estrogen in women, increasing related diseases such as breast tumors. Heightens allergic reaction like contact dermatitis. Decreases sperm cell count in males and can cause problems for fetal development for pregnant women and develop cancer.


  • this toxin can be found in dildos and vibrators as well as fragrance products. The usual myth is that you can smell this  like you can smell a new car, however, this toxin does not have a scent and cannot be detected by smell. Health risks include endocrine disruptors that have been linked to diabetes, breast cancer, reduce sperm count, liver damage, insulin resistant, asthma and allergies and premature breast development in girls etc.


  • this is found in sexual products, toy cleaners, genital hygiene products and in many anti-fungal products. Health risk include abnormal thyroid functioning disrupts normal growth. When combined with chlorine and tap water it forms chloroform which has been linked to cancer.


  • found in sexual products such as dildos and vibrators with latex paints, sex toy cleaners in the form of liquid soaps and cosmetics. Health risk are irritation of mucus membrane of the throat nose and eyes. Heavy exposure through breathing it getting it on your skin or eating it can lead to pulmonary edema, hypertension and coma.



- found in sexual products such as glass still dildos and vibrators. Health risk are  it can cause damage to the nervous system con, stunted growth and delay development. It can also cause kidney damage.

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