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***Please consult your doctor or Physician before trying***

Your hormones can make you feel hungry even when you’re not. This can be a result of cortisol increase. Cortisol is a hormone that is released in order to provide your body with the energy and to respond to mental and physical challenges. It’s often times released when someone is under stress. You may already know that we eat when we’re hungry or for emotional reasons from boredom to being upset or depressed, but did you know that you can over eat because of an imbalance of your hormones?

Craving fat due to low endorphin levels-

When we eat fats we may notice the feeling of overall pleasure. This can be created from the higher concentrations of endorphins that are released when we eat things like potato chips and other foods high in fat. The following ways you can address this is to follow a regular exercise program and lose calories which in turn reduce cortisol levels. Remember that great sex is a form of exercise and can release endorphins.

Craving sugar due to low serotonin levels-

Another hormone, serotonin can make us feel calm confident and relaxed when our serotonin levels get low we can feel nervous, irritable and stressed. We can also begin struggling with cravings for sugar.

Low dopamine levels can make us feel mentally foggy. That is why it is important to get adequate proteins as we will notice that we will become mentally sluggish without it.

Make a resolution by understanding that your health affects all parts of your life and can motivate you to better take care of yourself. Overall health in and out the bedroom is contingent on a healthy diet with lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget about exercise and supplements.

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