Erotic Electro stimulation

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***Please consult your doctor or Physician before trying***

Erotic Electro stimulation uses electrical currents to sexually stimulate and is fast becoming a popular way to enjoy sexual pleasure. Erotic electro stimulation uses a low-voltage electrical current for sexual stimulation and is the next level in sexual stimulation it is also known as electro sex, as stem, electro stem, electrical stimulation and EES. Erotic stimulation is when the electrodes are placed on the desired sexual areas, thus, creating a circuit of electrical impulses with travels along nerve fibers.

This provides both pleasure and releases endorphins. Experts agree that using such devices are safe, but only if proper equipment is used and instructions followed in order to ensure the device is being used properly as such devices can cause harm if directions are not followed.

While many people think of this as simply using a sensation of electrical shocks stimulating one sexually, it is actually much different than one who has not experienced it. Electric stimulation has a long-be used for improving health of muscles pain reduction, cosmetics skin improvement and nerve regeneration.

The best way to describe using an electric stimulation devices that there is typically a power box connected to wires that connect to electrodes.


What sensations feels like depends on the power level you are using as well as the types of electrode you use, but it can feel as gentle as a light tingling sensation to a heavy throbbing with muscle contractions using higher intensity. While nothing can compare to sex with a real lover, the use of erotic electro stimulation has been compared with the most sexually stimulating sensations available.
For men that use it on their penis, they typically describe it as someone stroking their penis from both inside and outside. When combined with testicle stimulation it begins to become even more intense and pleasurable from a tingling to deep throbbing stroking. The same applies to women when using a vaginal probe stimulating the clitoris.


- With the advancement in sex toys there are now vibrating sex toys that also have electro stimulation features built in them, just creating complete erotic directions to relation sex toys in one product.

- We urge those considering making a homemade Electro stimulation device to consider the serious risk of using something that has not been independently tested for safety. Areas of concerns that are the homemade Electro stimulation device may supply too much power or not provide enough insulation in some cases caused the electrode to become alive.


- These machines are designed to increase erotic pleasure and can also be used to relax muscles and reduce stress. Furthermore, they may be helpful for medical inhibitors which prevent normal sexual functioning and may be useful in cases of infertility, ED etc. Electro ejaculation has been used for many years in human cells does address some of the issues related to ED.

use a stem on low settings for at least a few minutes before increasing them helps you to gently familiarize yourselves with the sensations.

Avoid putting the power settings on too high for your first few times so that you can get used to the sensations and see how your body reacts to such stimulation.

If you are unsure about using an electro stimulation device please consult your doctor or your physical therapist.

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