Dry Orgasms & Retrograde Ejaculation

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Dry orgasms are defined as a man having an orgasm but no ejaculate or very little fluid comes out. These types of orgasms can be something that are normal and in some cases a desired effect through Tantric practicing or Tantric sex. The lack of semen should not affect the quality of the orgasm but they may feel different because they are dry.

There are two types of orgasms that produce little to no ejaculate: dry orgasms and retrograde ejaculation.

The difference between a dry orgasm and a retrograde ejaculation is that a dry orgasm produces no ejaculate and it does not come out of the penis.

Retrograde ejaculation begins to make its way out the urethra but does not make it out, rather it goes back up the urethra and into the bladder. After a retrograde ejaculation you will notice that your urine is cloudy.

Many men study tantra so that they may learn to have multiple orgasms. Males that experience these using Tantric types of techniques referred to them as dry orgasms, even though they are technically retrograde ejaculation. The experience of Tantric orgasm is your focus built up sexual energy away from your genitals and recirculate arousal without ejaculating.

If you are concerned about not producing sperm or having a dry orgasm there are a few ways in which you can prevent those. You could abstain from sex for a few days, try to delay jack elation as long as possible, or look at any drugs that you have been using. Don’t forget to consult your doctor.

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