Can the Vagina fall out?

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***Remember to consult your physician***

There are articles out there that claim that the vagina falls out 50% of women but that is not technically accurate as a vagina does not actually fall out of your body. So what does this mean? 

The clinical term is called Pelvic Organ Prolapse and it affects about 50% of women so it’s clearly important to be educated about it. While your vagina does not fall out it can be moved down word. Furthermore one POP really refers to one or more elements pelvic organs dropping down from the normal position. 

Most of us have mild forms of it but can get severe and with over 300,000 women receiving POV surgery in the US each year something women should take importantly

Because of the different organs that POP can affect there can be a wide range of symptoms but here are a few to watch out for lower back ache, painful intercourse, pressure or fullness in the pelvic area, urinary leak call mom feel like something is falling out of the vagina etc. Having an annual check up and an OB/GYN will help ensure that you are in good health and should you have symptoms like the one mentioned you should make an appointment to address those issue.



Keep a healthy weight, ensure proper nutrition, exercise, do pelvic exercises.

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